How God Gets His Point Across

God uses anything to get our attention.

Some time ago, I was getting ready for church on a Sunday morning and I heard a bird singing right outside my bedroom. It was a bird I’ve never seen before and it had the most amazing song. I sat and listened to it for several minutes before it flew away. Then I went to church. Now, I sing from my soul and I’m not bothered by people around me. I love to sing worship songs. That day, someone sitting near me turned and said, “God said that you are His songbird.” I was blown away because I knew immediately why He sent that bird to my backyard. He wanted me to get the full impact of what He was telling me. It was a remarkable moment that I’ll never forget. How has God shown Himself to you?

3 thoughts on “How God Gets His Point Across

  1. erickr

    What a wonderful moment! Thanks for sharing it. I think sometimes God loves to orchestrate things so that we notice something as His hand that we might not have noticed as His hand without a prior “event.” I remember one time the bottom rusted and fell out of our BBQ pit—the night in which just that morning someone had given me their awesome, homemade BBQ pit because they were moving (and had offered to deliver it the next day). I remember another time a lady who has a ranch gave us a bag of beef she’d just got back filled with ground beef, steaks, roasts, etc. (all organic)—the night in which just that morning Mary Ann had looked in the freezer and commented we were down to chicken. He is awesome! God bless you, Diana.


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