Listen To The Quiet Of His Grace

the peace of GodThere is a secret to keeping your head on straight. You know when you get so busy, it could be fun or stressful, that you feel like your head will explode and drift off in different directions? It’s finding your peace in God.

We are meant to live in intimacy with God. That’s why we were born. Whenever we stray from that closeness, we can feel adrift, tense, fearful. We may not even realize it for a while, until we suddenly see how far away we are, like a child dazzled by the activity of a fair and suddenly realizing that she is no longer holding onto mommy’s hand.

The wonder is that it only takes an instant to go back. God is always with us. All we have to do is find His peace and rest. It’s that amazing place of quiet and joy that centers our soul and refreshes our spirit. We feel His pleasure that we are back where we belong and know that He has all things worked out for our good.

That’s a good time to express your thankfulness to Him. It’s His sweet presence that keeps us from getting into trouble and our feet on the path that leads to the treasure that awaits.


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