Low On Love?

We’re supposed to love God with all our hearts and love our neighbor as ourselves. But what if we don’t know how to do that? What if we don’t feel the warmth and tenderness of love inside? That’s a problem because we can’t give what we don’t have.

Love is not something you can teach. It’s organic, it springs up from inside us with a life of its own. It’s wild and generous and kind. It’s not hard to do a self check and feel if it’s inside. No? Then go to the source. Go to the One who has an infinite supply. Humble yourself before Him and ask. He’s got the best stuff. Oops, but where are you going to put it? Is your heart receptacle already full? If it’s not full of love, then what ever is in there needs to get out.

Ask God to show you what you are carrying around that you need to get rid of. Confess sin. Forgive offenses. Uncomfortable memories usually mean that we left something unresolved. Deal with it. Humble yourself and repent/forgive/let go. Now ask for all the love you can legally¬†stuff in there, and then some more. Don’t stop until you feel all gushy and warm, then start giving it away. You’ll never run out.


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