Don’t Be Offended For God

Sometimes just stay quiet.

Disagree with honor.

I recently came across someone’s post online that I didn’t agree with. They were expressing some doubt about the validity of a certain ministry that I respect and admire. I didn’t get irate, but I was annoyed. If the ministry was operating according to Biblical principles, why question them? How do people choose which scriptures to believe in and which they don’t?

Fortunately, I stopped myself from answering back and starting an online holy war. But I did talk to God about it. He said, “Don’t be offended for me.”

Whoa! What a good answer. As soon as I heard that, I realized that I was being offended for Him. I very quickly remembered that He doesn’t need my help. He’s very capable of managing His own PR.

It’s one thing to answer questions or clarify a misconception, but arguments lead nowhere. Give the issues to God and let Him work them out in peace. It saves a lot of ill will and bad feelings. There’s a lot of wisdom in staying quiet.


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