Standing In The Face Of Beauty

beauty and GodWe are made to appreciate beauty and goodness. We are enchanted by a gorgeous sunset, our favorite food, and inspiring music. All of our senses are designed to appreciate the best there is to experience. Now just imagine standing in front of the source of everything we love.The earth is about 93,000,000 miles from the sun, and on a clear day, the sun can be incredibly intense. So much so that we need to wear sun glasses or a hat for protection. Think about being a few feet from the surface of the sun. There’s not enough sun block on earth to protect against the intensity of ┬áthe heat you would feel. You just wouldn’t survive.

Everything that is good and beautiful here is miles away from actual source. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then fact to face. (1Cor 13:12) Imagine what it will be like to stand before the throne of all that is beautiful. For us in our mortal bodies, we would not survive the power of that beauty. Only when we are renewed can we linger in His physical presence. And yet, I think we will still be overwhelmed.

There is so much to discover about God. When we linger with Him, He will reveal Himself in new and wonderful ways, and it will always be beautiful.


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