There’s A Reason For Monuments

Never forget the good things

Never forget the good things

People have short memories, sometimes convenient memories. We forget blessing so easily when we run into trials. It’s a human condition.  The Israelites failed to remember the miracle of plagues that set them free. Elijah failed to remember the power of God when he was attacked with depression. The disciples failed to remember feeding thousands when they thought they would die in a storm.

God instructed the prophets to build monuments so His great works would be remembered, because He knew people would forget. That this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, what do these stones mean to you? (Josh 4:6)

Write down the good things that God has done. Keep a special journal for remembering your blessings. The day will come when you will forget. You will think that God has forgotten you, than none of it matters. That’s when you need to go back and see the hand of God on your life. What He did before, He can do again.

We celebrate communion so we don’t forget the greatest gift that humanity has ever been given. Be mindful of blessing. Do something to always remember God’s presence in your life. It will be a source of thankfulness and a lifeline when you need it the most.


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