What Does The Number 9 Mean To You?

biblical meaningsHave you ever noticed the same number popping up everywhere you look? Say it’s the number nine. You glance at the clock, and it’s 9:00. You’re waiting in line at the bank and idly notice that there are nine people in front of you. Every time you pay for something with cash, you get nine cents back. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe God is trying to get your attention using one of His other languages.

God’s first language is not English. He speaks in lots of ways to us. Repeated instances of a number a color or name may mean something, so pay attention. If  the number nine keep showing up, it may be a message for you. Nine is the number of gestation, reproduction, and maturity. Maybe something in your life is about to develop into fullness. Maybe it has and God is drawing your attention to it. Ask Him. What does this number nine refer to?

If you happen to notice the same number repeating all over the place, think about what that number signifies. Three is the number of the Godhead, meaning great power. Two  is the number of covenant, marriage, partnership. Six is the number of man. Four represents the four corners of the compass, something worldwide. Think about how a number is used in the Bible for an indication of what it means.

Ask God, always. He may be telling you something new. Don’t miss it.


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3 thoughts on “What Does The Number 9 Mean To You?

  1. sidelites46

    I have never heard or seen anyone deal with this phenomena. As a spiritual director, I run across this phenomena with spiritually maturing people all the time. My own number is 117 or sometimes 1117 (my address). I know what God tells me it means. To me it seems fairly obvious. Thank you so much. I’ve clicked on “Notify me of new posts via email.”


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