What Is The Sweetest Part Of Knowing God?

the promises of GodWhen you move from knowing about God to actually knowing Him, everything changes. When you know Him, you can ask Him questions. You begin to gain some insights to what His plans and purposes are.  Your future becomes more real because you know that heaven is glorious. But what about this life with Him is the best part?

It’s almost like asking, Which of the stars is the prettiest? There is just so much to consider. But I have to say that I love it when I hear God encouraging me. So often, I just sit with Him and enjoy His presence. I feel His peace and it settles my spirit, like soaking in a warm bath. I’m so happy with that. I could be satisfied with that peacefulness forever.

But then He speaks to me and points to what I know He’s promised for me and I light up. He never wants me to forget His promises. He’ll have me pull them out and read them over. I get excited again and thank Him for what I know is mine.

I love that He likes to delight me. Like the time in Guatemala when I wanted to see a firefly and one landed on the ground outside my door so I could pick it up and look at it.  I love how He loves me.


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