No One Knows You Like The Word Of God


Able to cut straight through your mess.

No one knows you like the Word of God. How can that be? How can this book know you and what you’re going through? It’s crazy, but true. Are you conflicted and full of doubt? David understands. Are you up against impossible odds? David, Noah, and Daniel understand. Do you feel like you have no idea where in life you’re supposed to go? Abraham understands. Feeling a little self-righteous? Paul understands. The Bible is full of people just like you and I. Normal people. They weren’t super heroes, they were scared, just ask Gideon. That’s the simple beauty of God’s plan – He knows exactly who we are and is happy with that. Our insecurities don’t bother Him. Our failings don’t scare Him. Everywhere you read in the Bible, you’ll find Him using people in their weaknesses. People just like you and I. Read the Word and find yourself, then see how God used someone just like you.


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