Why Does God Allow Tragedy To Happen?

why suffering?When tragedy strikes, we often hear people ask how God could allow such a thing to happen? If He is a good God, why would He sit by and allow the senseless death of the innocent, why suffering is allowed? We are grieved over the loss and frustrated and angry that it could happen at all. Why didn’t God stop it?

God does not control our every move. If He did, there would be no evil in the world. There would be no wars or poverty and no need to fear anything. He does not control us because He gave us free will. We choose to decide who we will believe and follow. If we do not choose to believe what God says about Himself, then we believe the lies of the devil. When we choose to not honor God, we allow evil to have its way.

Jesus gave us the authority over all the power of the enemy. (Luke 10:19) It is our responsibility to be light and life to the world. It is our responsibility to release the kingdom of God to those in need. When tragedy strikes, it is a wake-up call for us to stand up against the powers of darkness and exercise the authority that we’ve been given. The evil of the world cannot stand against the power of God, but it is up to us to release it and bless.

Where the enemy works to kill and destroy, we release life and faith. Where the devil spreads fear and terror, we release peace and safety. Pray the opposite of what is harmful. Speak out in authority as a child of God. Reach out to the unloved and disenfranchised who feel driven by hate and draw them into the kingdom of love and forgiveness. Rise up warrior bride. Let the peace of God work through you to save and protect your home and your community. The authority is in your hands.


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4 thoughts on “Why Does God Allow Tragedy To Happen?

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  2. Marsha Bowers Langdon

    I have often answered the same question with the same answer. God is our Father and what we choose to do is our choice………..but God is always willing to help us straighten our lives out when we give Him the chance.

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