Your Heart Is God’s Holy Of Holies

God in us makes us one with Him.

God made your heart His Holy of Holies.

God does an amazing thing in us when we receive His salvation through the blood of Jesus. Instead of His presence living within the Holy of Holies in the temple, He tore the veil that restricted access to that private place and put His Spirit inside us. He makes our heart His Holy of Holies. He became Emmanuel.

How amazing is that? His presence makes us holy. His love is so great that He wants to be in and part of everyone of us. It’s always been His great plan to have a loving, amazing relationship with His people. We become sons and daughters, grafted into His family and can go to Him boldly, crying Abba Father.

The enormity of this realization is mindboggling. That the God who made all things would make us His Holy of Holies is beyond understanding. Especially when you read any description of God’s throne room. The power of His glory, the angels magnifying His name, the light, the noise–it all sounds hard to take in. And yet, He put Himself in us so we could be one.

God is in us to be everything that we need. If we could really understand that, we would never see Him as distant or uninterested ever again. We would pay attention and listen, because He’s with us.

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