What Do You Really Think Of Yourself? Does It Match God’s Image?

Most people don’t feel comfortable about how they look. That’s why the cosmetic industry is massive. But it goes even deeper than that. We don’t tend to see ourselves in the same positive light as other people do. This is an interesting experiment to watch.

As believers, we don’t have the freedom to think badly about ourselves because Jesus paid the ultimate price to redeem us. When we are covered under His blood, we are made new. God sees us as perfect, because we are. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. (Jam 1:4)

Don’t feel perfect? That doesn’t matter. What you think does not affect what God has done for you. And if you continue to think badly about yourself, then you are saying, in effect, that what God did for your isn’t very good. That’s not the truth. What He did for you is fantastic and you are perfect and wonderful because you’ve been redeemed.

God does not want you to live with a poor self-esteem. You are His now, a royal heir, and you need to live like it. Allow Him to start changing your self-image and you’ll feel better inside and out.


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