Grown-up Gifts

It’s time for grown-up gifts.

There are so many gifts and blessings that God has for us, but most of us are not in a position to receive them. You don’t give a small child a Porsche, you give him a bike with training wheels. You hold onto the Porsche until the child is grown and mature enough to handle a high performance car.

Everyone has their own timetable for growth and maturity. Some people understand the ways of the Spirit early on and others get stuck their entire lives as immature believers. Do you still get offended easily? Do you carry grudges? Are you jealous of other people? Are you mad at God for what He hasn’t done for you? It’s time to grow up. You are meant for greater things.

God can work with a humble heart that knows how to forgive, that lets offence bounce off, that cheers for other people’s victories. As you allow Him to change your heart, you will begin to see greater gifts come your way. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind and you will see God in amazing ways. Your light will shine brighter, and the world needs brighter lights.


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3 thoughts on “Grown-up Gifts

  1. GodGirl

    Beautifully said! I totally agree with you, and love the analogy of the child with training wheels. May we all desire grown-up gifts and move through those child-like stages, in God’s amazing grace and strength.

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