In Spirit And In Truth

True worship goes deep.

There is no worship that is not in spirit.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth. (Jhn 4:24) Straight from Jesus. It’s not a suggestion. If we are to worship God at all, we must worship Him in spirit. What does that mean anyway?

It means that worship is not about form. It’s not about following an agenda, or being right or wrong. It’s not standing up or sitting down or singing or closing our eyes or lifting our hands or repeating words. Nothing that we do matters in worship.

It’s not our bodies, but our spirits that have to be engaged. Deep inside, we have to feel the need to reach out to the God who made us to love Him. Deep calls unto deep. If we are not communicating love to God from our spirit, then we have failed to worship.

It’s a very easy thing to cut off true worship. If we choose to be cerebral, judgmental, rushed, or locked into a schedule, we will stay on a surface, performance level that never touches God. Even if we sing, close our eyes, raise our hands, and obey every command from the pulpit, but never engage our spirit, we have not worshiped.

Pay attention to how deep you are allowing yourself to go. Reach out with your heart.That’s where the real action is.

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