Living Without Peace Is Wrong

Peace is your to have.

Peace is yours in the Holy Spirit.

If you are living without peace, then something is wrong. As children of God, peace is an aspect of our salvation that comes free in the Holy Spirit. It is central to God’s nature, so when we receive Him, we also get His great peace.

If you are struggling with problems that rob your peace, then give them to Jesus. Are you fearful? Confess your fear. Are you frustrated, angry, overworked? Confess every area that you have not given to Jesus and hand it all over to Him. He said He would carry our load and make it easy for us.

Lack of peace is a flashing red light that you life is not in alignment with God. Just fix it. Let go of fear, anger, depression. Ask God for forgive you for holding onto them. Ask Him to fill you with His peace. If you do not have the Holy Spirit in your life, then ask for Him immediately. You will not find His peace otherwise.

Regardless how busy or complicated your life is, peace is always available. When you put your life completely in Jesus’ hands, He helps you manage what you should and let go of what you shouldn’t. Peace is yours for keeping. Take hold of it and never let it go.


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