You Are Responsible For Being The Light Of The World

You are responsible for being light to the world.

You are responsible for being light to the world.

You are the light of the world. (Mat 5:14) You. God left the light in your hands. What will you do with it? Without you, the world is dark. How will you give it light?

It’s almost a threatening question because it gets very personal. What do you mean, me? Surely you mean people who are called to the ministry, or people who want to do that sort of thing. I remember having that attitude. That ministry stuff was for other people. I had my own life. And I claimed to be a Christian.

God still wants to know. What are you going to do with your light? You actually are responsible for it. Will you shy back from admitting your faith? How about declaring it? How about helping people you don’t know? Or loving people who refuse to be loved?

You don’t have to be obnoxious about your faith. That’s really the opposite of what God means. He means you to be kind and loving, generous and patient, peaceful and happy. See, it’s not that scary. You can do this. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you have everything within you to be light and have fun doing it. So shine on my friend.


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