Why Should You Speak In Tongues?

Speaking in tongue will make your spirit strong.

Speaking in tongue will make your spirit strong.

Is there a more divisive issue than speaking in tongues within Christian circles? Paul said, I wish you all spoke in tongues. (1Cor 14:5) Why? Why is it so important?

One reason is that if a message is given in a language that a visitor understood, they would hear the praises of God in their own tongue. That is, if the message were given in a public setting.

But when we speak in tongues privately, we build ourselves up. (1Cor 14:4) No, not in a vain way. It strengthens our spirit. We can speak in tongues of men or of angels. So what happens if we are speaking the language of angels? What is our spirit saying?

I think it can be number of different things. I think it can be praise to God. I think it can be releasing strategy from heaven to defeat the enemy on our behalf. I think it can be telling ourselves how good God is so we have stronger faith.

Speaking in tongues is a tremendous way to work with God to release the kingdom around you. When you allow your spirit to communicate directly with the Spirit of God, you get exactly what you need for your life. If Paul can say, I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you (1Cor 14:18), then there is a strategy of the kingdom that I am going to follow.

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