The Holy Spirit Will Guide You Through The Dark Places

God will guide you on a path of light.

Let the Holy Spirit direct you through the dark places.

Job was an awesome man of God. He loved God and trusted Him with all that he had and God blessed him for it, both before and after his trials. And because Job trusted and loved God so completely, Job could boast: When by His light I walked through darkness…When the friendly counsel of God was over my tent. (Job 29:3-4)

When all around him was darkness, Job could trust that God would show Him light and a path to walk. Through the unknown, he always knew that God would lead him. The friendly counsel of God was always over him. How amazing is that!

I love that Job saw God as kind and friendly–that God was always there for him to show him the way and counsel him in what to do. Today we have the Holy Spirit as our friendly guide and counselor. He is all that we need to lean on, to give us direction and hope when we are discouraged.

If the Holy Spirit is not your friend, ask God for Him. Ask to be filled and led by His Spirit. All the aspects of God, the fruits of the Spirit will be yours. You can walk in light when all is darkness around you.

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