The Power Of Anointing

The Holy Spirit fill us with His anointing

Anointing makes good into great

David was not a quiet, withdrawn loaner who suddenly burst onto the scene to kill Goliath. When Saul was going crazy, one of his servants suggested that David should come play for him. He described David as a mighty man of valor, a man of war, prudent of speech, and a handsome person, and the Lord is with him. (1Sam 16:18) David was known to be a mighty man of valor before he killed Goliath. Samuel anointed him and David went from saving his father’s sheep to saving his nation. God blessed what was already in him and took him further than anyone thought was possible.

We live under a new covenant  The oil of anointing is representative of the Holy Spirit. When we receive His presence, that anointing touches who we are and makes us better than we could ever think. You have been called into the kingdom for a purpose. Allow God to take you beyond your own expectations. Let Him make what is good into something great. You may be called to save a nation.


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