What Is The Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is the power behind our prayer.

The Holy Spirit is not a what, He’s a who. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the trinity, with God the Father and Jesus the Son. When Jesus returned to heaven, God sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. (Jhn 14:26)

How do we receive the Holy Spirit? We receive Him when we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior–they come together. But there is an in-filling of the Spirit to ask for. For John truly baptized with water, but you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. (Acts 1:5) The in-filling, or baptism, of the Holy Spirit if often demonstrated with speaking in tongues, but not always.

He is our helper, our comforter, our wise counselor. He is the power behind our prayer. Once you learn to hear His voice, you can ask Him how to pray and see real results. If you do not have the Holy Spirit in your life, ask God to fill you, and keep asking. He will truly change your life.


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  10. Richard

    I know this is the traditional view of holy spirit but the concept of three persons being Coequal and Co-eternal is not Scriptural. The Word trinity, the three beings being one and the same as a single entity is rather addressed many times over as not a reality. Who is Holy Spirit is God the Father Himself. What is holy spirit is the gift of power given by God to all Born again followers of His son, Jesus Christ.
    Jesus, himself stated that God was greater than himself. Jn 14:28. We are created in the image of God when our Spirit is alive for God is Spirit. Man was originally made, formed, and created. The Soul life was made, the Body was formed, and the Spirit was created, but the spirit died the day Adam and Eve sinned and disobeyed God. The Spirit is born again in us when we do Romans 10: 9,10. Our heavenly Father is The God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ as well. See any of the Church Epistles. God is the supreme being of this Universe. You cannot be the supreme being of the universe and have a God as well. Every thing is being placed under Christ’s feet except the one who is placing everything under Christ’s feet I Co 15:27.
    If you do not share all the attributes of something you cannot be the exact identical same thing as that to which you are different from. Jesus is a man, God is not. God is from eternity to eternity the Same. Jesus on the other hand is the same starting at a yesterday not from eternity, the resurrected Body is a change from your mortal one. Jesus has not changed since his resurrection. We are joint heirs with Jesus, we get the same glorified human body as he has now when we get gathered together, We become like him, Jesus, we do not become God. When God’s voice came from heaven it did not say this is me hear you me. When Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, and sweated blood he did not say not my will but My will be done. Jesus was tempted in all things God cannot be tempted. God is omniscient, Jesus is still awaiting till God shares with him when he is coming back. Jesus asked the disciples to make plans for them to share the Passover together when he was to die at the same time as the Passover lambs that year. Jn 3:16 does not read God so loved the World He came Himself that … Jn 1:18 says no man has seen God at any time, a truth repeated several times in the Epistles, yet how many people saw Jesus both in his mortal body and in his resurrected body. God has no form or comeliness Jesus obviously does Is 53:2 God is invisible Cl 1:15 Jesus was not when in view then or in the future when we will see him face to face. He may not be seen by us now except as he is represented in the Word but unlike God we will be able to see Jesus when he is in our presence physically. The KJV is not as clear as some other Bibles in Pp 2:6, The choice of robbery to translate arpagmos that could be translated “something to be seized upon” is perhaps not as simple to understand as for instance in the New American Standard version, where it is translated that Jesus did not regard equality with God a thing to be grasped. or in another translation something to be held onto. This was not in Jesus’s mind set, it was not his idea of sound doctrine but tradition wants you to believe that it reflects the truth even though it is no where stated in scripture, as such except in a verse found only in the KJV, the new KJV, and in itallics of the Amplified Bible as a part of the next verse. And in the mysterious “great commission” that is mysterious because it was never recorded as being carried out. The trinity concept is a robbery of the truth from people wanting to be Bible believer’s. Be like Jesus and do not grasp it, seize upon it, or in any other way grab a hold of it. For more information about this read my article “A Big Correction”. Selah.

  11. Richard

    Oh in reading what might be posted as my reply about Diana Symons article above I guess I failed to give you my blogs addy. It is “nrichmyleads.wordpress.com in case you did want to read the article referenced, as challenging as my point is to the traditional believer. Alas it is not the only thing tradition is misleading about as far as the Word is concerned. This is perhaps the most important correction however. If you do not get it straight that as far as scripture is concerned that the question of Jesus Christ being here on earth as a human, that is in the flesh, is of greater importance to see than whether or not he is somehow a part of a concept that took almost 300 years to be placed by creeds not scripture as a defining doctrine, you may be in that group that come before the great white throne and feel bewildered thinking and saying Did we not prophesy in thy name and Jesus responding I never even knew you. Mt 7:22ff.
    It is so important because in I Co 15, if Jesus was God and thus eternal, and therefore unable to die and be raised from the dead, all believing in his name is vain and your salvation is no longer an accomplished work by the life, death and resurrection of the one perfect man, Jesus Christ. Selah.


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