When Is It Convenient To Be Kind?

what are spiritual giftsIt’s not hard to be kind when everything is going well. We can be generous even. But what about when you’re running late? What about when you’re in a hurry and the car in front of you isn’t moving through the green light? What about when you’re on a deadline and everything falls apart at the last minute?

Kindness is an aspect of God, a part of His Spirit that He puts inside us. If we can’t be kind all the time, then we haven’t connected with the gift we’ve been given. It’s a good thing to recognize that. Ask God to help you be kind, all the time, even when it’s inconvenient. He may need to change some things inside you. You may have to repent of some bad attitudes. You may have to forgive where you haven’t wanted to forgive before. You have to do some major housecleaning.

That’s all part of maturing and growing in the Spirit. When we see that we are not demonstrating the gifts of the God, it’s because we’ve got things to clean up. Confess them and give them to Jesus, then ask Him to fill you with His goodness. Then open those gifts and start using them.


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