Is God Not Enough For You? Then Meet Jesus

If God never answers your prayers, if you don’t really believe that He cares, if your life isn’t any different from people who do not claim to be believers, then you haven’t met Jesus. What you need is a revelation of who God is.

If you had a divine encounter with Jesus, your faith would inflate immediately. You would feel the power of God and know that He is exactly who He says He is. You would know that you could ask Him anything and He would do it.

You are invited to meet Jesus.

You are invited to meet Jesus.

If you haven’t had that encounter with Him yet, then ask for one. Ask to meet Jesus. Ask to see how powerful He really is. Ask to experience how much He loves you. Your faith needs to be shaken up and meeting Jesus is the perfect way to do it. You need a reality so dynamic that you will never doubt again.

Does this sound impossible? Then you clearly haven’t met Him yet. Does it sound scary? You really haven’t met Him yet. The whole reason for all creation was so we could live in intimate friendship with God, so if you haven’t met Him, then you haven’t connected with why you were born.

Don’t be bamboozled by the opinion of others. You have a personal invitation to meet Jesus. And it’s going to be amazing.


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