Jesus Forgives All Sin–That You Give Him

Repentance makes us clean.

Allow God to clean you up inside.

Salvation is the most wonderful thing in life. Jesus made a way for us to be free and blessed for the rest of our lives, and all eternity. When we confess our sin, He covers it with His blood and it is no more. But just because we are saved and our future is in God does not mean that we don’t have sin in our lives.

Jesus said we must take up our cross daily to follow Him. (Luk 9:23) Any sin we hold onto will be a thorn in our flesh. It will block some aspect of blessing like mud on your windshield so you don’t have a clear view of where you are driving. It’s that dangerous.

We need to always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to uncover secret sin and long-held attitudes that are not pleasing to Him. Unforgiveness is a biggie. Lack of faith is a biggie. Jesus does not expect us to be perfect now, but He does expect us to want to be cleansed.

The more you allow God to clean you up, the happier you will be. He replaces the bad attitudes that we give Him with more of His Spirit, and He is the source of joy. It’s the best trade-off ever.  —Diana Symons

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