Keeping Your Communion With Jesus When You Travel

Jesus is always waiting to hear from you.

Jesus is always waiting to hear from you.

Jesus – Don’t leave home without Him. Of course, the reality is that as a believer, He is with us always. He said He would never leave us or forsake us. But we forget about Him all the time. We get busy and caught up in activities and suddenly our time to spend with Him disappears.

And it’s really easy to forget Him when we travel. Any time we change-up our schedules, we risk losing our communion with the Lord. That’s a problem, because there is no time that’s ok to not be mindful of Him. And having grace for our travels is a really good idea.

Your communion time is vital, but don’t make it rigid. He’s not that concerned if you spend twenty minutes or seven minutes with Him. He doesn’t care if you read a whole chapter of the Bible or a few verses that speak to your heart. He just wants a connection with us. We’re the ones who make an issue out of how long and what that looks like.

If you get busy and really can’t spend the time with Him that you’d like to, then shoot up a quick prayer of thanksgiving and ask Him to bless your day. Come back when you can. He’ll be waiting.


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