Time To Soak Under The Son Lamp

Jesus will always love you best.

Jesus will always love you best.

The first time you get a revelation of Jesus, you’ll be wasted for life. We all want to be loved. It’s how we were designed. So, when we meet the One who loves us best, our love meter goes berserk. It’s literally more that you can handle.

But no matter how much we say we love the Lord and live according to His word, we still need to be drawn into His presence on the regular basis, or we forget. It’s stupid that we do, but it’s true.

And then when we come back to Him, it’s like falling in love again. Oh, how we remember His love. How we remember His goodness. All we want to do is sit at His feet and listen to Him talk or lean against Him and feel His heartbeat. We need His light to fill us. We need to soak in the Son lamp, to take in every bit of Him that we can.

He is our daily manna. He is all that we need, but we need to go back to Him all the time. You can never get enough of your lover. You always want more. If you’ve never experienced Jesus this way, ask Him. Tell Him that you want to know Him like you’ve never known Him before. And enjoy.

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