Why Did Jesus Turn The Water Into Wine?

turn water into wineTurning water into wine was an odd first miracle for Jesus to make public. It wasn’t even His idea to do it. When Mary asked Him, He  said it wasn’t the right time to do something like that. But He did it anyway. Why?

When I read that scripture (John 2:1-10), I see some things about Mary that made it happen.

1. She knew Jesus. She knew Him well. He wasn’t just an acquaintance or someone she knew casually, she really knew Him.

2. She knew His power. He must have shown her that He was capable of doing this miracle.

3. She trusted Him. She believed that if she told Him what needed to be done, He would do it.

4. She knew that He was kind and caring. She knew He could see the need and how it would affect and bless the people.

5. She knew He would listen to her and hear what she had to say.

It is astounding to me that Mary changed the course of history with a simple request at a friend’s wedding because she knew that Jesus was capable of helping. Her faith in what He could do made Him change His timing to reveal His power. That is amazing!

Think about the change that could happen in your life if you had a relationship with Jesus the way Mary did–if you knew Him so well that you trusted that He could change things that needed to be changed. No one told Mary that it wasn’t the thing to do, she just did it. I think it’s a good model.


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