Avoiding The Big Mistakes

the lord your godI don’ think anyone disputes that everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes are easily fixed, but others can be devastating. Those are the ones that can take years to get over, if at all.  The pain of making terribly wrong choices is haunting, and not just for the person who made them, but for everyone around them as well.

It is God’s heart to help us avoid those mistakes. He is our Good Shepherd. He wants to lead us away from danger and into safe pastures. But His leading requires us to follow. He’s not going to drag us around. If we don’t follow him willingly, we suffer the consequences of our decisions.

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. (Prov 3:6) It’s the safest, smartest thing to do. Acknowledging Him in all our ways doesn’t mean thanking Him for the mess you’re in. It means, turning to Him while you’re in the mess. It means thanking Him for all the good things that work out and trusting Him to work out the tough spots.

Chances are, you may still make a bad decision. That’s why He will direct all your paths. Whenever you stray, He’ll bring you back. All you have to is turn to Him with all the areas of your life. Ask Him for help. Trust Him to work things out. Thank Him for every good thing. Believe Him for better. He’s a guide for life.

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3 thoughts on “Avoiding The Big Mistakes

  1. janpendergast@sbcglobal.net

    I like this & to add some mistakes are eternal, so they need to follow your advice.

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