Be His Beauty In A Hard Place

Just as you are light and salt to the world, you release the beauty of God where ever you go. Sometimes that’s hard to do. Sometimes the environment that you live or work in is hard. There may be nothing beautiful or Godly in anything around you. It’s got to come from you, baby.

How do you thrive in a harsh environment? You be prepared before you go in. You spend time with Jesus. You let His sweet nature fill you and give you the grace that you need. You enjoy His presence and praise His goodness. Just focusing your attention and loving on Him will fill you with everything you need for the day ahead. You’ll carry in your own sunlight and water.

You will show off the goodness of God to a place in desperate need of having it. Don’t allow yourself to be subdued by the enemy. Shine bright in your confidence in the One who loves you. Everyone needs His love, they just don’t understand how to get it. When you show Him off, you make Him attractive to others.

When you put your trust in God, He will bless you and protect you no matter where you are.

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