If You Don’t Ask For That Blessing, I’ll Take It

Have you seen this viral video about WestJet airlines blessing their passenger with Christmas gifts?

It’s pretty amazing. If you go to the end and watch the bloopers, you see Santa asking a woman what she wants, and she says all she wants is warm socks. He looks back at her in frustration and says, “You’ll wish you asked for a big screen TV.”

I think God feels like that with us all the time. He is waiting to bless us with everything we need, and we feel “unworthy” because we’re not perfect for some reason. We still lose our temper, or we don’t feel as holy or “on fire” like other people. So we bow our head in meekness and decline any blessing that others surely deserve more than we do.

Not me. I know I’m not perfect and I know that my God loves me like crazy. I want every single blessing in heaven that has my name on it. I’m not shy about asking for it either. I know His blessings will shape me and form me into His image. I want that more that anything.

If you don’t think you deserve blessing, that’s ok. I’ll ask for yours too if you don’t want it. : )


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