The Seriousness Of Being Child-like

You must have child-like faith.

You can only enter the kingdom as a little child.

Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it. (Mk 10:15) That is a sobering statement. What’s the difference between an older child and a little child?

An older child will have learned some things from adults, like manipulation and self-defense. If I do this or work hard enough, Daddy will love me. Or entitlement. I’ve done this, I’ve believed that, so I deserve this.

A little child still carries innocent trust in Papa. He is all her world and the source of good things. She is delighted by simple blessing and longs to be held and loved. His eyes are the focus of her attention and she is expressive in her delight.

We need to seriously examine our hearts and check to see where we measure on the child meter. If we cannot enter the kingdom of God, then we have lost everything. We are responsible for our own admittance to the kingdom.

Are you full of pride, anger, doubt, fear, worry, jealousy? God does not expect perfection, but if He is convicting you in some area of your life, then He means that it should be removed. Confess your sin and receive His blessing. Enter into the kingdom filled with wonder and trust in you Papa.

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