Dancing On Daddy’s Feet

Standing on His feet.

We must become like little children.

Unless we become like little children, we will not enter the kingdom of God. (Mat 18:3) It goes against our ambitions and pride, but that’s exactly why we need to do it. A childlike attitude is humble and full of wonder. There is so much God can do in us when we let go of our “adult” attitudes.

It’s so precious to see a little child watching his parent do something and then want to try to do it ¬†himself. The parent will put the tool in the child’s hand, but it is the parent who is doing all the work. That’s exactly the picture of us when we submit to God in humility and love.

We see what Jesus did to heal and bless and we say, Daddy, let me do that. So He puts His hands on ours and works through us. Just like a child, we are thrilled because we think we did it, but we must always remember the source of that power.

God invites us to stand on His feet while He dances us. He loves it when we hold on and giggle with pleasure. And when we learn to trust Him more, the dances become fantastic and exciting. Let go of ambition and be a child. There is so much to discover and experience in the kingdom.

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