Discouragement Is Not The Same As Dissatisfaction

Are you discouraged or dissatisfied?

It’s time to learn to fly.

Growth will always involve some level of discomfort. But sometimes that discomfort comes from the wrong camp. Whenever you feel discouraged, don’t immediately agree with it. Discouragement makes you feel bad about yourself, like you’ve failed when you should have succeeded. Any time you feel that, you’re listening to the voice of the enemy. God will never make you feel bad about yourself. If what you’re feeling is discouragement, it’s a lie. Rebuke it and let it go.

If, however, you feel dissatisfaction with a situation, it could be God prodding you forward. He has amazing plans for your life that you can’t see from where you are. You may feel perfectly content to stay where you are because it’s familiar and comfortable. But if you have a greater calling, God will always try to get you to move closer to it, like a mother bird pulling out the comfy nest feathers.

Dissatisfaction will make you realize that what you have is not what you should have. Look up. Take your eyes off of what you think you know and look to see where your path may be leading you. Ask for confirmation. God will give it to you. Then be brave and go for it. Get out of the nest and start to fly.

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  • When you feel discouraged.

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