Dreaming Big Scary Dreams

Believe that God wants more for you than you do.

The bigger the dream, the greater God can move.

You can always tell the dreams that God gives from your own. Your dreams will start with what you know and progress to something else that you know, only bigger and better. God’s dreams will make you excited and terrified, not because they’re the last thing on earth you would want to do, but because there’s no way you can see how it could possible happen.

That’s exactly where God moves the best. He wants so much more for us than we want for ourselves. He has the power and knowledge to do what we cannot. He can see around the corner and knows how it will all work out.

And the amazing thing is, He’s not at all bothered by our mistakes. His big plans for us include all the failings we’ve had along the way and He knows how to use to them to our advantage.

When God shows you a dream that you just don’t see for yourself, ask yourself if it’s because you don’t trust God to make it work. The big dreams require faith. We won’t get there without allowing God to do what we cannot. And when we do, He delights to bless us beyond what we thought was possible. It’s ok to dream big. Now trust God to make it happen.

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