Are Your Dreams Really Dead?

 Dreams are not dead when you give them to God.

What do you do with dreams that blow up in your face? How do you go on when everything you believed for just fell apart? What do you do when you’re Mary or Martha and your brother just died because the Lord didn’t come in time? That depends on whether or not you believe in resurrection power.

Sometimes we have to experience loss to experience God’s power to resurrect. He’s not being mean, He may be trying to bring you to a higher place of faith and revelation. What would happen if you just kept pressing in? Are your dreams any deader than Lazarus was for four days?

We shortchange God so much by not believing in His greatness. David believed in the anointing that he would be king, despite the circumstances that left him homeless and running for his life. He continued to praise God and honor what had been given to him.

If those lost dreams are important to you, don’t let go of them, no matter what it looks like. God is watching to see what you will do with them–give up or praise Him for what He will do. What may look mostly dead may be deceptively alive.

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