Be A Faithful Manager Of The Kingdom | There Will Be An Accounting

I think we may be as confused about the kingdom of God as the disciples were. They expected God to set up a king like David again. They wanted freedom from Rome. They wanted to be great in the region. They had no idea what Jesus really meant when He said the kingdom of God has come near you.

Even today, we look at the kingdom of God as a place we go to when we die. We don’t look for the kingdom here. Here is where we get the car washed and buy groceries and pay bills. But Jesus told stories to try to illustrate what His reality is.

Be faithful with what you've been given.

Be faithful with what you’ve been given.

A nobleman went into a far country and left his business to his servants to run. He expected them to carry on and be faithful. (Luke 19: 11-27) The message is that God has given the “business” to us. It’s our job to manage it for Him. How we will be rewarded for that is for another time, but know that He will come back to see how we did. The faithful will be given more, and the unfaithful will have what they had taken from them.

How do you carry on His business? You heal the sick, bless the poor, and honor your boss, your neighbor, and your ruler. You love God with all your heart, soul, and mind. You live in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. The kingdom of God is here and now and in your hands to manage. Manage well, my friend. The world needs you.


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