Forgiveness Is Not An Option, It’s A Command

Forgiveness is not an option, it's a command.

Forgiveness is not an option, it’s a command.

If you stop and think about anyone one you are mad at or annoyed with, what name(s) come up? How long have you felt this way towards them? Can you forgive them? More importantly, is there anyone you don’t think you could ever forgive? Some hurts go so deep that forgiveness seems to impossible. The pain is too great.

But forgiveness does not mean that you condone what has been done. It just means that you will no longer hold onto it. You will no longer be controlled by that anger and resentment. You will finally let it go and not pick it up again.

Forgiveness is not an option, it is a commandment. What happens when we have unforgiveness in our hearts? It blocks God’s presence so we can’t hear Him. He’s trying to guide us to safety, but until that blockage is cleared out, we’re wandering around blind to danger. And it’s very dangerous out there. There is an enemy wandering around looking for someone to devour. Don’t let it be you.

Not only should you be forgiving anyone who hurts you, you should be blessing them. Ouch! That’s harsh! But true. Unforgivensss is sin. You will feel so much better when you let it go and ask God to forgive you for holding onto it.


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