Just Because The Gate Is Narrow Doesn’t Mean That Life Has To Be Too

The gate is narrow, but the kingdom is wide.

The gate is narrow, but the kingdom is wide.

We get into so much trouble when we over define salvation. When Jesus said, But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. (Mat 7:14), He didn’t mean that our life in the kingdom is defined by narrow limits.

He was referring to the fact there is only one way to salvation, through the blood of Christ. Don’t be fooled by nice sounding philosophies that have no power to save, heal, and deliver.

But once we get through the gate, we are not boxed in by rules and regulations. This is not Old Testament. Yes, we live with humility and a desire to honor God, but that just comes from our heart of love toward Him. We obey His command to follow Him.

And in that following is a freedom to lived blessed. The gate opens to a realm of destiny that extends far and wide. God has put inside each of us a desire to be something great in His kingdom and He’s given us the ability to go after it.

Don’t sit at the gate thinking that there is nothing more to have until you get to heaven. You haven’t begun to explore the kingdom yet. Ask God to show you what is yours and go for it.


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