God Cannot Change You Unless You Want More

Allow God to change you.God has more for you. Some of you are thinking, yes I know, in heaven. That’s not what I mean. There is more now, but you have to want it. Do you want more of God? Do you want to feel the rush of angel wings in the night? Do you want to smell the fragrances of heaven? Do you want to be made into the person that God sees?

We can be content to stay in our little boxes, or we can allow God to change us, and by changing us be drawn closer to Him. It’s an exhilarating prospect, but beware. You cannot be changed without changing. Your life cannot stay the same. Your choices cannot stay the same. Change is usually unpleasant. We usually avoid it.

But if you knew that you could experience the presence of God in a profound way, would you accept any change that God needed to do in you? Do you want it? Then ask, and be prepared. Be willing to let Him uproot anything that does not honor Him in your life. It will no doubt be painful. Do it. Let go of self-esteem. Let go of pride. Let go of personal ego. Even your dreams and desires. Give them all to Him. You won’t lose as much as you think you will.

The trade-off to letting go is getting more of God. The selfish part of us doesn’t want to let go of the little world we built, but when we experience the throne room, nothing else compares. Let Him fill you with His humility so you can enjoy everything He has for you. He’s not a mean Father to take away what you love. What He gives is even  better. We’ve just believed the lie that we have to guard our small treasures because there is no more. God is abundant with blessing, but you have to come with empty hands.

Not everyone is willing to go higher because of the cost. Don’t let them affect your desire for more. Be brave. This is your journey. The change begins when you ask for it.

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