God Uses Imperfect People, Because He Can

Forgive and bless

Forgive and bless

People make mistakes. People fail. They will never be perfect. We should never hold anyone up to the perfection scale and expect them to be 100%. It’s never going to happen. The good news is that God knows that and and He’s okay with it.

Through our weakness, He is made strong, Our leaders may fall. Don’t abandon them. We are all imperfect and will all make mistakes. That’s why we’re encouraged to pray for those in authority. Pray for your leaders in the church and government. Ask God to keep them safe from harm and evil influence. Bless them with grace and wisdom.

And if they do fall, bless them. Love them. Be patient and let God do the work that needs to be done in them. Our job is to love people, not judge them. Forgive and bless. Forgive and bless.

God’s plan to use imperfect people is hard to understand at times, but it’s His way. He is able to do so much with a willing heart, even one that is still on the path to holiness.

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