What Will God Do With Your Tomorrow?

God has amazing plans for you.

You destiny depends on your faith.

We always want to know the future. Prophetic words are awesome because we get a peek at what God sees in us and what our destiny is. Your tomorrow has the potential to being the beginning of a new season of hope. The question is, how much of it will you give Him?

Your destiny will require you to be hands off in some respects and hands on in others. If you totally trust Him, He can guide you into positioning yourself for what He wants to do. If you do not trust Him, you will miss out on what is yours.

Don’t assume that you don’t have a special destiny. That’s just wrong. You have a calling that is unique and wonderful. You just have to ask God to reveal it to you and trust Him in walking it out. He may need you to stop behaving in a certain way. He may need you to trust Him to open doors for you.

Your tomorrow can be the beginning of wonderful times. Only you will determine if that will happen. God wants to bless. Will you let Him?

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