God Wants You To Imitate Him

You are not who you were. You are an heir with Christ.

Be an imitator of God and and everything changes.

Salvation in the kingdom requires a total change of attitude. Yes, we come as sinners, but we are transformed through the blood of Christ to be heirs with Him. We have to have the mindset that we are worthy of His calling. He wants us to live like we belong in the palace.

Paul says, Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. (Eph 5:1) We are to literally look to God as our model for life. Jesus came to show us what was possible. He expects us to do what He did, and more.

Sound impossible? Then you are listening to the lies of the enemy. All things are possible with God. ┬áNothing is impossible. You will live in power and grace according to your faith. Repent for ever agreeing with the enemy that you cannot do what you are called to. Declare your place in God’s family–a royal son or daughter. He’s given you permission to use His name to heal, save, and deliver those who are in desperate need of His touch.

Rise up in your faith and be an imitator of God. He will meet you at your point of faith and be there for you where ever you trust Him. You are not who you were. You are the new you in Christ.

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