Have You Had Your Day of Rest?

the day of rest

rest in the Lord

As New Testament believers, we sometime look down our noses at the law because we live under grace. But let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

God took a day of rest and ordained the Sabbath as part of the law. It was that important that people took a day off. When you think about it, it’s amazing that God wanted His people to take a day to stop working and relax. Is that something we should ignore because we no longer follow the law?

Why did God ordain the Sabbath in the first place? To help us deal with the pressures of life. To give us a time to unwind, every week. We really need that. Especially in today’s society. We put too much pressure on ourselves to work. God wants us to be happy, and self-imposed pressure doesn’t fit with that goal.

A Sabbath day off doesn’t have to be Saturday or Sunday, especially if you minister on Sunday. It can be any day of the week. Try it. Try to have a day where you really stop working and relax. Your body will love it. Your mind will love. I think God was on to something here. A day of rest was a really good idea.

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