Is Healing Possible?

healing prayerIs healing possible? You might as well ask if God is good. Jesus’s primary ministry was healing people. God loves to heal and deliver us out of pain and suffering. He’s good at that. In fact, He’s great at that.

So why are people sick in the first place? (I can hear you asking.) We have an enemy who was kicked out of heaven whose sole mission is to hate God and anyone who loves Him. God is not the author of sickness, Satan is. But God is the healer and provider of all our needs.

Wherever Jesus was, there was healing. All He had to do was speak the word. Sometimes all that was needed was for people to touch Him. Peter’s shadow healed people. The lesson here is that, wherever the presence of God is, there is healing.

If you need healing, get yourself in the presence of God. That’s the place of praise, worship, and joy. The kingdom of God is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit, and there will be healing.

God wants to heal more than we do. He sees the whole person and what their potential is. He wants to take you out of pain and put you in place of peace and joy. It’s a great trade-off.


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