The Key To Hearing God Personally

Humility helps you hear God.

Humility helps you hear God.

There are two things that are vital to our life in the kingdom: loving God (and each other) and hearing the voice of God personally.

If we don’t love God first, above all things, then our priorities are misaligned. And if we’re not loving each other, we’re not obeying God. We need love filtered glasses to view everything in life. And it has to be genuine.

If we’re not hearing the voice of God personally, it means that we don’t have a relationship with Him. Jesus said, My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. (John 10:27) You have to hear Him. That means that you have to know Him and He has to know you.

How do you hear Him? You listen with your heart. Still nothing? The key to everything in God is love.  It’s the secret sauce that runs everything. Love makes you humble. Repent for being selfish, arrogant, angry, rude, fearful–everything that you know you need to repent of. Be humble before God and receive His love and forgiveness.

Suddenly the lines of communication open up and you begin to sense His presence and His voice. And the more you hear Him, the more love grows in all the ways you need it. Stay on top of it. Humility is a lifestyle. Don’t allow your communication with Him to get clogged with things you need to clear out.

Once you start hearing the voice of God personally, your life takes on new meaning and direction. Now you’re living in the kingdom with real purpose. So, what’s He saying today?



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