Knowing About God Is Not The Same Thing As Trusting Him

Let go and let GodI spoke with someone recently who needed help and encouragement while going through a difficult time. After talking to her a while, I realized that she was living in fear and not trusting God. She got a little defensive when I suggested this because she has been going to church and reading her Bible daily for years, decades.

But the fact remained that she was living in fear. For all her church attendance and Bible reading, she was not actually trusting God with her life. I know what that is. I faced the same issued myself some time ago. We can be so familiar with God that we think it’s the same thing as trusting Him. It is not.

If your first response to difficulty is to panic, you may be in the same boat. Your first response should be, It’s going to be OK, because God will work it out. There should be an inner peace regardless of what happens in the natural. God promised to take care of us, but very few of us actually let Him do that. He said we’re not to worry about our lives, what we will eat, what we will wear, etc. He promised to take care of us.

Put all that good Bible reading to practice and trust God to do what He said He would. He is faithful.


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