How Different Would Your Life Be If You Were Filled With Righteousness?

I just love the Beatitudes. They keep me so grounded in what the kingdom of God is all about. They are so full of challenge and promise. Like this one: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled. (Mat 5:6) 

Being righteous is living cleansed.

Being righteous is living cleansed.

The definition of righteous is: clean-handed, good, guiltless, innocent, just, moral, sound, upright, virtuous, worthy. I kept wanting to shorten that list of definitions, but I didn’t want to leave off any of them. I’ll take them all.

And we can have that kind of righteousness if we want it, but we have to really, really want it. Hungry and thirsty want it. Remember the last time you fasted? That kind of hungry and thirsty. You have to want righteousness far more than you want to hold onto the things that are wrong, but familiar in your life. It’s hard to let go of what we know, even when we know it’s not good for us.

But when we do, when we want the righteousness of God more than anything, He promises to FILL us. Imagine being filled with moral soundness, goodness, worthiness. Imagine your decisions and relationships being effected by those qualities. How different would your life be?

How hungry are you?


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