The Love Of God Will Change How You See The World

The love of God will change your perspective.

The love of God will change your perspective.

When you are motivated by the love of God, you begin to see the world through rose-colored glasses, so to speak. You really begin to see things differently. Your perspective takes on His perspective and you see things you didn’t see before.

For instance, people with ugly hearts and bad attitudes don’t trigger anger or resentment so much. Instead, you see how lost they are and how desperately God wants to draw them into the kingdom where they will be safe.

Or, a clogged up highway that slows traffic to a snail’s pace won’t create frustration and annoyance. Instead, you start to wonder if you are being delayed for heavenly reasons. Will you be safer for being late? Will you avoid a greater evil? Or run into a greater blessing?

Looking at your life from a ┬áheavenly perspective lifts you out of petty reactions. When you know that you are in the middle of God’s plans, you have greater patience for things you can’t control, because you know that God is in control. You can roll with it.

Ask God to give you His rose-colored glasses. Ask Him to show you life from His seat. It’s a wonderful view.


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