Loving Bad People

Christ died for all of us

Some people are just hard to like, let along love. They are coarse, vulgar  and mean, but are they evil? When Lucifer and the angels that followed him were kicked out of heaven, they were separated from the presence of God and became evil. It’s easy to see then that evil is the absence of God’s presence.

It’s easy to love good people. It’s easy to be kind to people we may know nothing about, if they don’t annoy us. But the ones that do bother us are harder to deal with. They say things and do things that are selfish or harmful. There seems to be nothing good in their lives to love.

But look again. Most people have something good about them. They may keep it hidden, but unless they are totally given over to evil, there’s something in them that you would be happy to see. There’s only one reason why we are not all completely evil and that is because God has His hand on us. If bad people have anything good in them, it is because God has His hand on them too, and that should be good enough for us to love them.

God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. (2Pet 3:9) None of us deserve salvation, but God loves all of humanity unreservedly. And so should we.


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