Maybe We Should Stop Claiming To Be Christian

Labels do not define a heart of love.

Christian = I love Jesus

The word Christian is loaded–spiritually, emotionally, and politically. Everyone has an idea about what it means, and it’s usually not what you think it means. Unfortunately, it can mean hateful, prejudice, unforgiving, and superior. Basically, the opposite of what it should mean.

And there are sects of Christianity that don’t want to be associated with other sects. When you speak of Christian, does that mean one who speaks in tongues and/or one who kneels with beads to pray? Is it a political affiliation or a social network?

I’m sick of it. Being Christian to me is nothing more than a label that says I love Jesus. I chose to be believer of God. A follower. A listener. An obedient one. There are no political or cultural boundaries. The kingdom of God is wide open, like looking down from far above with a bird’s eye view. There are no territorial lines. God loves us all. All.

I cannot put God in a box of religious dogma and neither will I align myself with other people’s predefined stereotype. God is good and I will trust Him. I am His child. He is my Father in heaven. That’s all.

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