Morning Mercies And Tea

His mercies are a daily blessing.

His mercies are new every morning.

God and I have a little ritual that we play every morning. I must have my cup of tea and a bite to eat before I try to get anything done. So I have my tea and read the paper and then it happens. I never know exactly when, and because I’m intent on reading the paper, I’m not paying attention. God sends His mercies.

It hits me like a jolt of joy. I always have to stop and look up because I know what just hit me. It’s His gift to me every day and I receive it with happy thanks. I admit that there are days when so many other concerns crowd my mind that I miss it. I’m crushed when I eventually realize it, but it’s ok. The mercies are new every morning.

This gift feels like a new dress that I put on everyday, fresh with promise and sparkling with the dawn. Every day is full of hope because my God is with me. Everyday He is ever loving and faithful. I give Him my plans, my hopes and dreams, and He breathes on them.

I never have to wonder if I am His, because He sends His love to me every morning. (Lam 3:23)


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